Tony George – No confidence

I’m an open wheel racing nutcase and long-time supporter of CART/Champ Car/Atlantic Championship, Star Mazda, Formula 2000 Championship, etc….  As described on this blog previously, I am also a supporter of my wife’s racing career and the careers of a few others.  However, the news recently that the CEO of Indy Racing League, Tony George, was experiencing trouble with the board of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway came as a pleasant surprise.
Due to his long history of divisive actions and ineffective leadership of the Indy Racing League (IRL), Tony George doesn’t belong anywhere near a management position, much less THE management position of "big league" open wheel racing.  This is a fact well known by racers, team personnel, supporters of miscellaneous types, and thousands of fans, many of whom now boycott IRL events regularly and will not even follow the events on TV, as a direct result of Tony George’s lack of vision. 
Incredibly, both the set of IRL team owners and a large Internet community of fans have submitted statements in the past few days expressing their support of Mr. George’s "innovation" and leadership.  These traits couldn’t be further removed from Mr. George’s personality and lack of business acumen.  Therefore, I became part of a group who created a statement of NO CONFIDENCE in Tony George’s leadership of North American Open Wheel Racing.
You can read and sign the document here:
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