Tides Foundation and Glenn Beck’s Advertisers

I recently learned that Drummond Pike, the founder of the Tides Foundation, chose to write a letter to the directors of numerous Fox News advertisers.  He did this because of a now-infamous incident over the summer which directly threatened his safety and the safety of his staff.  More about that incident, and Mr. Pike’s letter itself, is available here, herehere, and here.

I applaud Mr. Pike’s letter, as the gravity of this situation demanded it.  So let me quickly discuss what I am doing about this tonight, and let me urge like-minded people to join me.

I signed the below petition directed at all current Fox News advertisers. Nearly 100,000 people have signed.


I am writing my own letter to the same corporations to which Mr. Pike addressed his, namely:

JP Morgan Chase
Zurich Financial
Direct Holdings Americas
Lilly Corporate Center
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

I have direct, day-to-day financial dealings with four of those listed companies, and I can assure you that I will be watching any further developments closely. I believe one month is a fair timeframe to allow the corporations to respond to Mr. Pike’s important letter.

Next, a word about “free speech.” When I visited the Tides website earlier tonight, I discovered something I considered beyond the pale. Multiple supporters of Glenn Beck had come to the site specifically to post comments embracing the fallacy that Tides / Mr. Pike were consipiring to rob Mr. Beck of his right to free speech. I immediately noted that we saw this same argument earlier this year from Dr. Laura Schlessinger, after she used her platform to say “nigger” 11 times, all while scapegoating her own call-in guest.

Dr. Schlessinger and Mr. Beck have the same right to free speech as every American. However, neither they nor the companies that pay them are protected from verbal and financial protest by individuals and boards of corporations.

Although I urge the supporters of these multimillionaire professional radicals to remove the blinders from their eyes, I’m sure it will be of little use. Mr. Beck and Dr. Schlessinger are paid on the basis of viewership as it translates into advertising. They are paid to incite fear and anger.

Imagining that Mr. Beck didn’t have a worldwide media platform on a network that is granted a license by the Federal Communications Commission, he might still find himself on metaphorical thin ice using his rhetoric on a New York street corner. Most of us know that the Supreme Court ruled that shouting “FIRE” in a crowded theater is not protected speech. Mr. Beck has a history of wishing for the death of specific politicians. He compared the President of the United States to a commercial jet pilot who was “purposely” crashing a plane into the trees to exterminate us all.

One can find hundreds of examples of this type of despicable, disgusting speech on Glenn Beck’s program. If it were brought before the current conservatively activist Supreme Court, it might very well be considered fully legal. But undeniably legal is our right to shout back. We can demand that our consumer dollars not be funneled back into financing this speech on a worldwide platform. We can demand as shareholders that our companies hold the highest ethical standards in those they support with advertising dollars.

And we will.

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