Rebecca Black & Bun B release new song “Mondayz”

Rebecca Black (verse):



Nothing worse than Mondayz

First it was the weekend,

Saturday, Sunday,

Now it is no fun in the classroom, classroom

Bun B:


Tough as f**k

Signing that paperwork, paying for the beats

Lambo’s broke down so I’m using this Enterprise rental

I see a school bus on my right, must be R.B.

***k, Mondayz suck

Rebecca Black: [BRIDGE]

Mondayz, Tuesdayz, before that was Sundayz

And Fridayz

We was excited

So excited

Now we’re

BORED  (Bun B: …Outta our minds…)

[Repeat first verse 17 times]

APRIL FOOLS…although I wouldn’t be surprised.

And apologies to for the use of your name in my Tweet. Great site. Visit it often.

Apologies also to Bun B.

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