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On Facebook and Internet citizenry

This morning I read a post on SeekingAlpha. The author accused unhappy Fecebook users and competitors of “whining,” as Facebook “schooled the Internet.” The author is correct that complaints abound, as do comparisons to AOL’s previous dominance in being an Internet gateway.

Thr problem is, Facebook is worse than AOL ever was, and it is not a “walled garden.” In a few short years, due to Facebook’s impressive aggressiveness and other developers’ laziness, there have become two classes of Internet users:

– users of the Internet who try to consume its services
– Facebook Internet CITIZENS

The reason I say that is that more and more sites have resorted to becoming de facto Facebook add-ons. Some big services only accept Facebook logons as sign-ups, period. Many services only accept Facebook comments. Many services haven’t implemented their own internal ratings systems, in favor of Facebook Likes.

You may be okay with a world where Facebook is the passport to the Internet, but I am not. That’s not to knock its impressive zeal for imperialism, new tools, and ease of convincing developers to accept its API and platform as their own base. It’s just to point out the facts.

I represent a startup that is working on two major web 3.0 projects. Hell, web 3.0 will be easier if one company controls the majority of the information and sign-ons. But just let it be said that I am a part of the group warning that Facebook will become more than a social monopoly. It may become an Internet services monopoly also.

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