Not Proud of AJC Coverage of Georgia’s Congressional Freshmen

As a thirty year reader of the Journal and Constitution, I’m not sure I’ve ever read such a one-sided piece as Monday’s front page article, “Georgia’s Freshmen Proud of Budget Cuts.” Essentially, this is an upbeat, positive character profile of the GOP activists who were responsible for the absolute lowest Congressional approval ratings of all time. Where in the article were the balanced voices of any Republican or Democratic Congresspeople who object to the annihilative tactics of these GOP freshmen radicals? Instead, the interviewees are uncritically cited as discussing “come-to-Jesus” meetings and “looking…to the Founding Fathers.” Rather than printing this with a straight face, a balanced Christmas-time article might have made mention of Jesus’ actual teachings on the same promotion of the general welfare that is the foundation our own government. The Founding Fathers designed the government of the United State of America not as a for-profit corporation, but an institution to provide the broad services mentioned in the same Constitution the GOP Freshmen purport to embrace. That’s why the Federal government has carried public debt since its very founding.

This subscriber thinks that feel-good character pieces are fine, but belong in the Metro section or the Living section, not fallaciously passed off as hard news on the front page of the AJC.

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