Stuhrling Prestige Tradition Unboxing

The Stuhrling Prestige Tradition is a timepiece by watchmaker Sturhling Original. It features a 22-jewel Swiss-made automatic movement. When ordering, I chose the silver dial with the blue hands. The leather strap matches the color of the watch hands.

The wristwatch comes in a special carbon-fiber-look box. Incidentally, the Stuhrling Prestige logo is different than the typical Stuhrling wristwatch logo, having the implication of an “SP” instead of the single letter S.

Stuhrling Prestige Tradition Unboxing - 1

Inside the box, we have the warranty, Stuhrling Prestige cleaning cloth, user manual, and other documentation regarding the traditions of Swiss watchmaking. There is a special Stuhrling Prestige quality seal, different than the typical orange seal. The watch itself is covered with a typical warning about not using quick-set date between certain times. The cushion on which the watch sits is plush, as is the material lining the box.


When removed from its protective cover, the wristwatch is stunning in its simple beauty. The hands are a spectacular, sparkling blue which I can only describe as azure mixed with cobalt.



The back of the wristwatch, like many automatics, is transparent, so that the beauty and functionality of the movement can be explored. Note the “Swiss Made” stamp and the Stuhrling Prestige logo on the rotor.



One of the reasons I selected the Stuhrling Prestige Tradition was the perfect height of the watch case, as well as the design on the side of the case. I felt these features made the watch very attractive, as I am not a fan of “ultra-slim” watches. Yet, the size and design of the timepiece case attracts the right amount of attention.


And finally, we can put the timepiece where it belongs…on the wrist. Ahhhh!


More information on Stuhrling Prestige can be obtained here, here, and here.

The timepiece can be purchased at many fine retailers, including online at, here.

(As an aside, I simply love watches. I do not work or consult for Stuhrling or Amazon in any capacity, and received no promotional consideration for this article.)


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